Tower of Pisa – When was it built? Why does it lean?
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The inclination of the Tower of Pisa is due to the extreme instability of the land where it was built which began to crumble soon after the beginning of the construction work. It took 200 years to finish it and the original design was modified many times. Today, a team of engineers and architects work to stop variations in inclination reduced to one millimeter per year.

Hold up the leaning tower of Pisa

Hold up the leaning tower of Pisa Steve Montgomery. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The Tower of Pisa was begun to build in 1173

Despite all the problems and fears it causes, it’s just its leaning that has made the bell tower of the Duomo of Pisa the most famous tower in the world. The Tower of Pisa was begun to build in 1173 under the direction of architect Bonanno Pisano, the first three plants showed already some inclination and the works were stopped.

Ninety years after the death of Bonanno Pisano, Giovanni Di Simone tried to straighten the tower unsuccessfully changing its inclination starting from the third floor. He didn’t managed to finish the work too which continued for a century. The architect Giovanni Pisano completed the work after 177 years, in 1350.
Tower of Pisa what was built: view from St. Mary street

Tower of Pisa what was built: view from St. Mary street Bachmont. Licensed under CC BY 2.0

Visit the Tower of Pisa

The tower can be visited today, but this is a recent privilege because, in the nineties, the great fear for the increasing of its inclination had caused its closure and the start of an important renovation work conducted by architects and engineers arrived in Pisa all over the world. If you go to Pisa, do not lose the whole of the “Miracles Square”, however we advise you to go up to the tower just in case you do not suffer from vertigo since, otherwise, it would seem that someone push you into space. A lightweight feel, but surely annoying.
Visiting tower of Pisa

Visiting tower of Pisa Tower of Pisa what was built: view from St. Mary street Graeme Maclean. Licensed under CC BY 2.0

Hurrah Pisa Tower leaning, leaning and never will fall…

[Author Militza Cordero Santiago – travel stories blog] This the chorus of an Italian children’s song and it’s the perfect start to get in tune with the place I’m going to talk now.

Pisa is the city where you find the Leaning Tower of Pisa. When I was a child, I thought that Pisa was the same of Pizza and that in the tower people make Pizzas; if you’re like me, welcome in the club of the thousands of children who grew up watching the tower of Pisa in the cartoons. When I visited Pisa, I realized it was much more than a tower, it’s a city of beautiful architecture and it well worth to visit from beginning to end.

Miracle Square in Pisa

Miracle Square in Pisa Andy Hay. Licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Tower, which in fact is a bell tower, the church and the baptistery are true architectural masterpieces. Despite all visitors imagine the tower higher, you’ll really be impressed by the beauty of these buildings. Nearby there are little kiosks or souvenir stalls where you can find everything from t-shirts to miniature towers changing color according to the weather and letting you know when it will rain.

Pisa souvenirs

Pisa souvenirs Bev Sykes. Licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you visit Italy, do not lose the beautiful city of Pisa and take the classic picture of the tourists supporting the tower (in my case I wanted to be different and take me pushing it). You will not waste your time, you can eat in one of the thousands of restaurants with tower view and you’ll have fun exploring crafts and souvenir stalls.