La Scala theatre: we introduce the temple of the Opera
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The “alla Scala” Theatre in Milan is one of the most important opera house in the world and it is located in the City Hall Square, on the side of Gallery and of the famous Duomo Square. Walking in Milan city centre, take a moment in the Scala Square, settle on a bench under the shadow of the imposing monument to Leonardo Da Vinci and admire its neo-classical facade imagining to hear Verdi’s or Puccini’s notes.

La Scala Theatre: Gallery and Da Vinci monument

La Scala Theatre: Gallery and Da Vinci monument Enrique Dans. Licensed under CC BY 2.0


La Scala Theatre and Maria Theresa of Austria

The Teatro alla Scala was built in the summer of 1778 when the architect Giuseppe Piermarini gave it to Milan and its great Italian composers delivered to the world.

The Scala (known with this name universally) was desired by Maria Theresa of Austria worried to give a theater to the main city of the Italian territories after the fire of  Regio Theatre (1776). The Scala was inaugurated two years later with an opera by Antonio Salieri. In 1812, Gioacchino Rossini let people know melodrama changing their preferences and replacing the “Opera Buffa Napolitana” by Giovanni Paisiello and Cimarosa.

La Scala theatre

La Scala theatre Angelo Amboldi. Licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

La Scala Theatre nowadays and the feast of Sant’Ambrogio

The bombing of the Second World War, 130 years later, caused enormous damage to the theater. However this, the maestro Arturo Toscanini conducted the first concert in a theater  perfectly restored as early as May 11, 1946. La Scala Theater is today the most important opera house in Italy and one of the most important in the world. The Milanese can admire on its stage the most famous artists, every years. The most exciting moment arrive on December 7, the feast of Sant’Ambrogio, patron  saint of Milan, that is the opening date of the opera season , as tradition goes. On this occasion, all the jet set of the city, politicians, businessmen and artists flock to the stunning theater to celebrate once again its big history.