Driving in Italy? Crazy! Pure adrenaline in a maze of vehicles
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Go by taxi and close eyes

Despite its long history, Italy is a country that has the virtue of enclosing everything that a metropolis can enclose. One of those things is the traffic. If you have already visited Italy, you realize that driving there is like a spinning on the roller coaster.

First of all speed limits are mostly much higher than in most American countries. Second obstacle: every square inch in the cities center is occupied by moving vehicles - .

Driving in Italy, crazy traffic in Naples

Driving in Italy? Crazy! Be careful to motorcyclists!

And third obstacle, the many motorcyclists prevailing in the city. Driving is difficult when you have to pay attention to thousands of motorcyclists passing everywhere at every times. And if you consider also a large number of cyclists and pedestrians crossing the roads, it is almost impossible to have a nervous breakdown.

Driving in Italy, crazy crossing the street in Rome

If you are one of those who always dreamed of being a racing driver … come to Italy and rent a car and feel like Schumacher…if you are like me, instead, a prudent driver, it’s better to go by taxi and close eyes - .